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[REVIEW] 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit

Share your story, and redeem your poin!

Who doesn't like traveling? Calming your mind for a moment from daily routines has indeed, become an important requirement in this digital age. Even, for the purpose of traveling, there are those who plan it for months or years. Traveling is almost a basic need for men, women, old people and even children.

Nowadays, getting information of various destinations seems to be easier because of the large amount of information available on the internet.
Simply relying on devices and network connections, we can arrange and plan to adventure anywhere. We can find out a lot of information about what is there, how to get there, transportation available, what time the place is open, ticket pricing, and so forth.

Before traveling, it’s better for us to check all things related to the destinations, so that we don't get lost or spend too much time just looking for information manually. For that purpose, we can visit the, an informative and unique digital traveling media. 

What makes it standout from others?

Here are 3 reasons why I call as an informative and unique digital traveling media: has Various Interesting Features is a media or blog for travelers and tourists to share their journal and experiences. contains digital-based traveling content which is very rich of menu. containing not only about travel, but also lifestyle such as events, films, and music.

Then, what features can you read on
There are many discussion categories on, the categories are:

1. Vacation
2. Culinary
3. Art & Culture
4. Tips & Info

Available both in Bahasa and English

English page in
Rarely do I find a traveling website that has such bilingual content. You can find English in the special page. This bilingual feature will certainly be a special appeal for its readers. This has increasingly helped Indonesia in promoting visit Indonesia. Because Indonesia have tourism destination like nature, culture, and so much more. Helps Traveling Content-Writers to Contribute

Some of contributor list (right side)
On, you can take part in writing your traveling articles. You just have to register and automatically you can become a contributor. Once you registered, you can write either in Bahasa or in English. So, without having a blog, your story can be read by many people, even from other side of the world, especially foreign tourists. Interesting, isn’t it?

How to do it?

Here are the steps to being a contributor in :
  1. Sign in at or sign up if not registered yet.
  2. Enter the dashboard and complete the profile.
  3. Click create article then write the experience and add some cool photos. Contributor can write articles in Indonesian or English.
  4. When you have finished writing, click save as draft.
  5.  In the draft article menu you can edit the text before sending.
  6. If your best article is finished, click send.
  7. Articles that have been sent will be in the pending article menu and in the process for editors' approval.
  8. The selected article will appear in the published article menu.
  9. Articles are already for Bahasa article and for English article
Creating articles on is not just limited in text. You can also upload your traveling photos and video that you want to share with other readers. Moreover, if you are good at English, you can write articles in English too. Who knows someone or other tourists are helped by your traveling journey. And the best news is, you can also can get poin rewards from your writing and redeem them!

Now you know that is very useful for travel lovers, both for those who like to read travel content and who like to write. Because the articles come from many people, it makes the content of certainly become very diverse and rich. It is a plus for an informative traveling website.

Do you want to get traveling information or become a contributor on
Remember to follow their social media below first:
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So, do you have a lot of holiday stories but confused where to share? Come join as a contributor on!

Because traveling and writing are fun!

Content Writer : Triyatni A. @pohontomat
Content Editor : Niko RA. @udaniko

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  1. I find it an interesting information. writing our trip at travelblog will be great experience

  2. Ini menarik sekali ya, selain bisa nyari informasi juga bisa ngasih informasi tentang tempat wisata yang pernah kita kunjungi. Cocok untuk traveler yang suka nulis tapi malas bikin blog.

  3. Writing in both English and Bahasa Indonesia help boost our tourism information worldwide. Apalagi kan sekarang orang-orang cari informasi pasti googling dulu, hehe. Baru tahu ada platform :)

  4. I never tried before, but it sound more easier and there's more destination.
    I would try it.

  5. Wow a challenge, writing in both Indonesian language and English. Yet it'll surely help the foreign visitors who wanna know more about Indonesia's tourism.

  6. Wow that's new for me Mba. Should be very proud if my articles could be read by people all over the world :D

  7. Wah aku baru tau ada web ini. Keren bgt bisa promosiin wisata Indonesia gak pake ribet hehe.. mudah2an makin banyak wisatawan asing yang datang ke sini untuk berwisata jadi Indonesia makin terkenal

  8. Nama domain yang gampang diingat, travelling sehingga sangat tepat buat referensi menemukan informasi seputar wisata, dan tersedia pilihan bahasanya juga

  9. Jadi penasaran pengen kunjungin karena pastinya dapat mengisnpirasi buat traveling, juga menarik infonya dalam dunia traveling

  10. Wow sounds great. Write in could make my articles read by all foreign visitors. Should I start it?

  11. Wow mataku autofocusse ke bagian redeem point, haha. Bisa diredeem pakaie apa aja mbaa? Kebetulan aku suka juga nulis Tema traveling apalagi pas mahasiswa hehe. Pastinya ngebantu banget para traveler dunia yaa ini

  12. I find traveling stories in TravelBlog are interesting. We always need more authentic experience stories to help us decide where to go next holiday season or as a quick guide while we're traveling, right?

  13. Bagi traveller wajib banget nih kunjungi TravelBlog, karena bakal banyak share pengalaman dan info menarik tentang destinasi tempat yg oke dan keren.

  14. Huwaaaaa... Aku butuh translate untuk baca artikel ini biar gak salah paham 😅

  15. Jadi tertarik untuk baca juga travelblog deh.. secara pengen juga bikin tulisan tentang traveling yang bagus dan enak dibaca.. bisa jadi sumber referensi sebelum menulis blog tentang traveling ya mbak..

  16. awesome... keren banget nih yang suka traveling amat wajib mengunjungi travelblog. mana bisa redeem point segala, btw pemakaian pointnya tuh gimana kak? ini si sangat membantu udah pastii

  17. wow so happy i find website for traveller in 2 language bahasa & english..and interest with point rewards if i join to writing with this web :)

  18. Ini bisa jadi referensi ya kalau kita pas mau traveling, lengkap juga si Travel Blog ini ya kak. Coba ah buka dulu si Travel Blog, kebetulan dalam waktu dekat mau traveling dan butuh ulasan suatu negara yang mau aku kunjungi.



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